I am first not surprised, we all have to see things from a more Optimistic point of view. The signs are everywhere.

This is a direct insult on all Nigerians.
Every Nigeria that can read and write and even those who can’t but can see, hear or read signs.
How can the two most dominant candidates of the 2019 election refuse to join the presidential debate in the 21st Century and expect to win ?
This is he height of it all
They are Daring us all
They are saying nothing will happen if they don’t show up and we must prove them wrong because
they have taken our #Votes our #PVC and our #Power for granted.

We as Nigerians must come out of our shells with optimism. Inec has released the total number of registered Voters 84million voters (84,004,084) 51.11% of this voters are young people between the ages of 18 and 35.
Out of which 22.3million of this voters are students who are currently at home idle and bored, suffering from ASUU strike because the government don’t give a damn about their Education. Government rather spend money and our resources on Frivolities.

I know some persons want to vote Atiku so Buhari doesn’t win and continue because they believe a vote for (YPP) Kingsley Moghalu or (ANN) Fela Durotoye is a vote for Buhari.
But hear me Sir/Madam if we all vote Competence, Capacity, Intelligence, Exposure, Vision, Tenacity and Courage then I tell you as young people we can win this election for the best candidate. Without fear of the retired ones winning.

You are scared of Corruption abi ?
Do you seriously think that this young visionary leaders can steal more money than this grand fathers have stolen from us ? Think again
Do you even know the allocation that comes to your state and how it is used ? Do you know about the billions and trillions used by this grand fathers to enrich themselves and their family ?

What on earth are you scared of ?
Did you watch the debates ? If not follow Iampots International and you will get the full gist.
Tell me if Nigeria will not be the best nation on earth with people like Kingsley Moghalu as President and Fela Durotoye as Vice ? Check civilize countries and see how sound their leaders are !
The only hurdle now to ensure that all credible alternative candidates come together as one by forming a coalition so as not to split our votes.

For me, I will vote my conscience. I will not vote indirectly for Atiku because I don’t want Buhari to win. I will vote for someone who whether he wins or not I will know that I voted for the best candidate however they have to come together first.

That Nigeria we all dream of will never come if we don’t make sacrifices and face our worst fears. The world is filled with people who say “it cannot be done”. Success has always been achieved by those who say “it can be done ”
It always seems impossible until it is done.

I am speaking to your consciousness, This Nation belongs to us all and the power to make it better for all of us is in our hands.
#VoteRight #VoteYourConscience #VoteTheFuture

Its very obvious APC and PDP have nothing to offer us all than recycling our grand fathers who should all be in retirement. all their blueprints and proposals are written for them by others and no one can drive a vision as a president passionately if they are not the true originator.

Young people should just seat up and take what is ours.
Buhari and Atiku didn’t debate meaning they have nothing upstairs.
You can be the problem or part of the Solution I am an integral part of the solution what about you ?

“No solution without your direct Micro Contribution is a guaranteed SOLUTION”

Amb. Onyekwere GN