INEC is Right. It is too late for Candidates to withdraw from 2019 Elections… But it is not too late for us Commit to Building the New Nigeria of our Dreams

The Electoral Act amendment bill passed by the National Assembly which is yet to be signed by President Buhari would have made it a little easier by reducing the number of days before election a candidate is allowed to withdraw from 45 to 30days.
Even at that Madam oby Ezekwesili withdrawal happened less than 30 days before the Election.
See the Electoral Act below:

Section 33 of the Electoral act.
Political Parties changing candidatesProvides that a political party shall not be allowed to change or substitute its candidate whose name has been submitted pursuant to section 31 of this Act, except in the case of death or withdrawal by the candidate.

Section 35 of Electoral Act.
Withdrawal of Candidate
Candidates can withdraw their candidature by notice in writing signed by him and delivered to the political party that nominated him for the election and the political party shall convey such withdrawal to the Commission no later than 45 days to the election.

This is a huge setback on our bid for Creating Coalition and selecting a Consensus Candidate.
In as much as we aspire to usher in the new Nigeria we must make sure that are actions are within the ambits of the law.
We just have 21 days and few hours to the General Elections.
It is very unfortunate that Candidates of the New Nigeria who all took part in the Presidential Aspirant Coming Together (PACT) failed to make the Coalition a success.

While we continue to consult with relevant stakeholders and authorities on further possibility for a Coalition we have taken responsibility to ensure this doesn’t repeat itself again in 2023, if we must make history we must start now, we are fond of rush hour and late minute approach to things and it has to stop if we truly want to see the change we desire, we must work for it as it won’t come without hard work and determination.
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