The results of the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections. has been received with mixed feeling from so many Nigerians. Some have rejoiced that their votes really counted while others are have decided not to vote in the next election because they believed they have been shortchanged questioning the transparency and credibility of the process.


Watch to see some of the reactions from Nigerians.

Your votes might have counted partially or completely, to help answer the question “Did your votes actually counted” kindly access the following analysis critically

  • 1. If votes don’t count, Obasanjo couldn’t have ‘lost’ in his polling unit after his campaigns for Atiku.
  • 2. Then, people made Buhari their choices at Atiku’s polling unit in Adamawa.
  • 3. Buhari lost in the Aso Rock polling unit and eventually in the Federal Capital Territory.
  • 4. Osinbajo who is the incumbent Nigeria VP was defeated by PDP at his polling unit.
  • 5. As powerful as he is, Bukola Saraki lost in his Senatorial District and all elective positions he hitherto commanded influence in Kwara State.
  • 6. Despite all the manifest or supposed persecution by government, Dino Melaye still won the Senatorial Election in Kogi West as an opposition candidate.
  • 7. Senator Akpabio’s influence couldn’t help him retain his seat in the Senate for another four year.
  • 8. Dogara still won his seat back into the House of Representatives based on the choice of his people despite leaving the ruling party.
  • 9. Ajimobi of Oyo State could not win to fulfil his senatorial ambition after spending eight years as governor.
  • 10. Peter Obi got the PDP VP slot and the PDP won in all ‘Igbo states’ of the South East and the South South. But even with Osinbajo holding the APC VP slot, APC lost two ‘Yoruba states’ of the South West.

With the above in mind did your votes counted in the 2019 Election ?

Is there a part of the Election it didn’t count ?