The Labour Room Governor, Imo State led a delegation of some of his cabinet members on a courtesy visit to his parish priest, Rev Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma. His Excellency Onyekwere Godwin Nwachukwuneke recognises the role that churches and religious Organisations have to play in the process of giving birth to a new Nation, this is why he vowed not to enter into the Labour Room Mansion without meeting certain religious leaders to ensure that his beliefs and moral values are still in tandem with the doctrines of the Church

Rev Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma who is the Parish Priest of CKC Kubwa lauded the concept of the Labour Room Reality TV show, he noted it is a paradigm shift from the kind of Reality Tv shows he has seen in the past and went ahead to praise the “initiators of such a wonderful idea”. He insisted that Nigeria cannot be productive the way it is structured at the moment and was very passionate on the need to restructure the country, he lamented that states are not allowed to explore their natural resources. He reiterated that Religious Fanaticism makes a country very unproductive, as he advised Nigerians to be accommodating. On the subject of secession, he said “there is no good war and there is no bad peace”

Rev Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma who recently ventured into the Music Industry and already has hit songs like “K’an Kele” Among other songs in his Album to his name, cautioned youths who seem to be in the music industry only to make money, that there is a need to come out with quality content. He reminisced on some old songs that had very educative meaning and indulged the youths to stop promoting Immorality through their songs, in other words to stop being the problem through their Lyrics and start being part of the solution.

The Labour Room Governor, Imo State, thanked Rev Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma for the opportunity given to him and members of his cabinet as he promised to Be an Ambassador of the Catholic Church and uphold the moral values of the church throughout his stay in the Labour Room Mansion.

Kizito Ozoemena
SSG, Labour Room Governor, Imo State